How to Care for a New Kitten

new kitten laying in bed

As an avid cat lover, there is nothing more adorable than having a new kitten to raise. Kittens are cute! They make my heart melt. Part of the fun of watching a kitten grow is raising it along the way. They can make any bad day go away with their big eyes and soft meows. … Read more

How to Breed Your Cat (4 Simple Steps)

how to breed your cat

If there is one thing I am familiar with, it’s cat breeding. Cats need to procreate just like humans do. Breeding is a requirement to continue the cat race. If they didn’t, then that would be the end of their furry race of adorableness and cuteness. In case you didn’t already know, I’m a cat … Read more

What To Do If Your Cat Has Allergies

You know, it’s one thing if us humans suffer from allergies. We usually know what to do if we have allergies and we seek out help if we don’t. Cats, however, are a different story. They can’t verbally tell you what’s wrong with them. They can only behave in their catty, animalistic ways. As a … Read more

3 Reasons Why Your Cat is Spraying Urine

why cat spraying urine

Imagine the following scenario: You come home from work, tired and exhausted.  You drop down on the couch and turn on the TV.  What was supposed to be a relaxing evening at home after a long day from work turns out to be anything but that. Why? Because your couch smells like urine! Again!  Frustrated, … Read more

How to Take Your Cat to the Vet Stress-Free

take cat to vet no stress

I hated going to the doctor to get checked up. Now, it’s a tolerable experience that I can live with. But I still get the willies knowing that I have to go every year to get checked up to make sure I’m in good health. As humans, going to the doctor to find out if … Read more

How to Train Your Cat to Jump Through Your Arms

I like to think of cats as pretty acrobatic creatures. They can run. They can jump.  They can spin. I honestly believe there should be some kind of Olympic event for cats one day. If it ever happens, it should be just like the Olympics.  There should be cats from every country in the world … Read more

How to Prevent Hairballs in Cats

stop cat hairballs

You want to know something that is really unsightly? It’s the hairball of a cat. More specifically, it’s the hairballs of my cat Gary. I don’t know how many hairballs I’ve seen him cough up. If I had a dollar for every hairball I witnessed come out of Gary’s mouth, I’d probably be a millionaire … Read more

How to Groom Your Cat – 6 Simple Steps

how to groom cat

As humans, we generally have an inherent need to look presentable. That could mean anything from taking a shower, using a deodorant spray, brushing our teeth, cleaning our ears, and combing our hair. When we look presentable, we tend to feel good about ourselves. With cats, it’s basically the same thing.  Cats need to look … Read more

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Angry

how to tell if your cat is angry

I’m an avid YouTube user.  More specifically, I love watching YouTube videos of wild animals attacking people. No, I don’t do it because I like seeing another human being getting mauled to death by a lion or getting his or her leg bitten off by a crocodile. Rather, I do it out of curiosity because … Read more

How to Calm a Nervous Cat

calm anxious cat

Have you experienced nervousness? I’m willing to bet you have. As a matter of fact, I think we all have gotten nervous at one point or another. Maybe you’ve gotten nervous when you had to do a presentation at work or wanted to ask a special someone out on a date that you had your … Read more