5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Trust You

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So you’re having trouble getting your new cat to trust you?

Don’t feel bad, it is common and in some cases, very difficult to earn a cat’s trust.

Most people just don’t put in enough time with their cat. They automatically think that since a cat is a pet, it should automatically love and trust you.

I hate to say it, cats are not dogs. Cats are understandably fearful of people they don’t know.


Depending on the cat, they see people as a potential threat. So initially, it’s not easy to gain the trust of a cat, but that’s why you’re here.

Let’s take a look at five tips that can help you gain the trust of your new family member.

5 Tips To Help Gain Your Cat’s Trust

Give Them Time

When there is a change in a cat’s life, like moving to a new location, or new people in its life, you need to give them time to adapt to the new situation that it is in.

It is also important to not make a cat do anything it doesn’t want to do.

For example, you shouldn’t be forcing your cat to come out of hiding or putting excessive pressure on him/her.

Your cat will move forward and make progress on your bond when they feel safe in its new environment.

Again, I recommend giving your cat time and space because pushing them too far could result in distance between you two. By respecting your cat’s boundaries, you will help your cat trust you.

Associate Yourself with Positivity with Your Cat

Just like with people, if you associate yourself to others with positivity, they will more than likely like you.  Same goes for a cat.

A cat is more likely to spend time with you when it associates your presence with something positive. With that said, enter your cat’s space with something like food, catnip, a session of gentle petting, or playing with them with toys.

They will begin to associate these positive actions and objects with your presence. But, if you do the opposite, are loud, invasive or engaging in stressful behavior, your cat will have a negative feeling towards your presence.

Always be sure that you enter your cat’s space with a positive interaction every day and you will be sure to gain its trust.

Avoid Negative Punishment

Punishment is good to a degree, but not when you’re trying to earn a cat’s trust.

Punishment will cause a negative presence with your cat. It will inevitably increase stress and anxiety levels in your cat and will make it feel insecure and could damage your relationship with your cat.

The best course of action is to use positive reinforcement to get good behavior out of your cat.

If you still continue to have behavioral problems arise from your cat, narrow down what the cause of that behavior is coming from. Then seek out advice from a feline behaviorist if necessary.

Play with Your Cat Daily

One more important thing to be doing is playing with your cat every day.

This will improve your bonds and stimulate your cat’s mind and enrich its daily life. After all, if you make your cat happy, it will have a higher degree of trust in you.

​Pet Central ​says, “although most cats love to play, never play rough and don’t use your hands when playing with your cat. Instead, play with her using fishing-pole type cat toys.”

When you use toys to play with your cat, I recommend some forms of intelligent toys that sharpen their mental and physical reflexes. Some of the most popular intelligent toys on Amazon include this Interactive Treat Maze Puzzle, this Tower of Tracks Cat Toy, and this Hide and Seek Cat Toy Box.

Give Your Cat Plenty of Affection

It will be important to always give plenty of attention and affection to your cat.

Cats are not always grateful to those who care for them or protect them. But, if you show them your affection often, it will help you to get your cat to accept you.

You can do this with unobtrusive kisses, gentle petting, and speaking to your cat softly.

You must be patient and consistent though, if you are not, you will not gain the trust in your cat that you are trying to earn.

Video: How to Gain the Trust of a Cat

Final Thoughts on Gaining Your Cat’s Trust

The most important actions you can take when trying to earn your cat’s trust is by giving space, treating it with respect, striving to understand it and provide adequate attention.

If you work with them every day, you will strengthen your bonds and your cat will begin to start trusting you sooner.

In some cases, some cats don’t make much progress. The best action to take is to seek out help from a feline specialist like a vet specialized in felines or a professional cat trainer.

Whatever your circumstances, if you follow these five tips, you will earn your cat’s trust in no time.

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