How to Care for a New Kitten

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As an avid cat lover, there is nothing more adorable than having a new kitten to raise.

Kittens are cute!

They make my heart melt.

Part of the fun of watching a kitten grow is raising it along the way.

They can make any bad day go away with their big eyes and soft meows.

I’ve had plenty of bad days and having my cat around when it was still a kitten helped me get through all of them.

I learned quite a few things when raising a kitten.

There were a lot of ups and downs.

There were a lot of trials and tribulations.

And that’s what I want to get into today.

So without further ado, let’s get into how to care for a new kitten.

Read on below!

Treat it like an individual.

Your kitten is unique so it will have its own wants and needs.

This is especially true if you plan to adopt more than one kitten like I did a few times in my life. Don’t assume that all kittens are the same. Just like us humans are all unique so you can bet that kittens are also unique.

Isolate it.

No, I don’t mean permanently isolate your new kitten!

If you have other pets in the house, then it may not be in your best interest to put your kitten in the same area along with them. Instead, put it in a quiet room for a couple of days and let it slowly build comfort with its new surroundings.


This is the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your new kitten.

Playtime will help establish and strengthen the bond between you two. Make sure that all playtime activities are appropriate and do not encourage rough play or biting. Proper socialization will help your kitten adjust much faster.

Here are my cat’s favorite toys for playtime.

Be patient.

Kittens are still learning what is safe and acceptable and it is your job to be there for them every step of the way so that they don’t wind up in harmful situations. Patience is part of the journey to helping a shy kitten grow into an adult cat.

Video: How to Care for a New Kitten

If you’re still completely lost on how to raise a new kitten, don’t worry! I got you covered! Just click on the video link below and you should be good to go!

Final Thoughts On How To Care For A New Kitten

Kittens are awesome!

Like I said before, they can help you get through the ups and downs of life just by their mere presence. But as an owner, you have to establish some ground rules because when kittens are still young, that is the most crucial time in their lives when you can teach them the most so that they’ll grow up to be well-adjusted cats.

Make the growing up process fun and enjoyable. Just like human babies are only babies once, your kitten will only be a kitten once so you might as well enjoy it.