How to Get Your Cat to Like You

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Are you having bonding with your cat or getting your cat to like you? You’re not alone, cat owners across the globe run into issues getting their cat to like them.

It actually takes a lot more effort than you think to gain the favor of a cat. For dogs, you don’t have to do anything really to get them to like you. We have been breeding that into them since the first domesticated dog. Cats are different, although they have been around humans for centuries, we have only been breeding them for about 200 years. So when you think about it, cats are basically still wild animals.

Naturally, cats will act differently from dogs, there’s no way around that. You will simply have to approach a cat differently. Don’t feel bad if your cat doesn’t like you, some cats simply won’t like you right away, especially new ones.

Don’t take it personally, just like with people, you sometimes just need time. Other than time, let’s take a look at 8 tricks that could help to get your cat to like you.

8 Ways to Get Your Cat to Like You


Dogs like new smells, but cats are completely opposite.

Some smells may turn a cat off, so to try to avoid this you could spray yourself or your home with a pheromone like Comfort Zone or Feliway. They are a little expensive and normally used for cat owners trying to protect new furniture. With that in mind, technically you’re NEW furniture, are you not? Spray once or twice and let it settle, and it might help calm your cat, which will cause positive reactions with your cat.

Play Hard to Get

Cats are known to go around the one person who happens to be allergic, so naturally that person doesn’t want anything to do with the cat.

Cats tend to walk past everyone who is trying to get their attention. Well don’t chase for your cat’s attention, when they are walking around, they are checking the area out and don’t necessarily want your attention. ​MentalFloss​ says, “research done in 51 Swiss homes with cats has shown that when humans sit back and wait—and focus on something else, like a good book—a cat is more likely to approach, and less likely to withdraw when people respond”.

Ignore your cat and sit back, give your cat space to feel things out on their own terms and you’ll be on your way to having your cat come to you.

The “Michelangelo” Hand

Jackson Galaxy came up with a technique to get cats interested in you and to get them to like you, called the Michelangelo.

The trick behind this technique is instead of reaching out for your cat with your hand open and fingers spread out, which can be intimidating to your cat, present your hand with a loose fist and only using one finger, and let it dangle in front of your cat, hence the “Michelangelo”.

Believe it or not, cats actually have a hard time seeing up close, that’s why they have whiskers. Let your cat come to your hand as it investigates and it may invite you to pet it, sometimes it may still ignore you. Just give it time and don’t rush your cat.

Petting Safe Zones

Petting safe zones are different for every cat, you should start with the spots that a mother cat would nuzzle her kittens.

​MentalFloss​ says, “A small 2002 study demonstrated that cats showed more positive responses—like purring, blinking, and kneading their paws—to petting on the forehead area and the cheeks. That would also be behind the ears or the base of the tail”.

Just remember not to be rough with your cat when you are petting those safe zones. If you irritate your cat with rough petting you could hurt your chances of your cat liking it.

Don’t Block the Exits

Cats are naturally territorial, so they are very aware of everything around them. You don’t want to take up a lot of space when trying to get your cats attention.

Crouch down to their level without blocking their exits. If they feel like they can come and go as they please, they are likely to be less intimidated and come back to you.

Hence, they will be more comfortable around you and provide positive feelings towards you.

Blink Slowly, and Don’t Stare

Sometimes people stare directly at cats and that can be a problem. That is counterproductive because that is the look they give when they are hunting.

Now are the two of you hunting each other? I don’t think so in this case.

You will want to give a long slow blink, showing your calm, relaxed, friendly, and most importantly that you’re not hunting them.

Make Playtime Rewarding

Play with your cat, especially with a laser pointer. It sets your cat into hunting mode, they are more comfortable that way and they forget to be afraid of you at that point.

Direct the pointer in places like under the furniture or other hiding spots to replicate prey that would run and hide from your cat.

Then when you’re done playing lead them back to you with a treat waiting for them, as if the treat was their prey. By doing this, you are providing your cat with positive feelings towards you.

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Feed your Cat

If you want your cat to like you, simply feed it it’s regular meal. It shows you as a potential provider, worthy of your cat’s trust and affection.

To go even further, get special treats that you don’t give your cat often. It will associate you with those tasty treats and will like you for it.

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The Bottom Line on Getting Your Cat to Like You

What are you waiting for, implement these tricks to start improving your relationship with your cat right now.

Remember, cats are not the same as dogs. You can’t just throw a toy and be best friends forever like you can with a dog.

If you put in the time, you will gain the trust and the favor of your cat. All you need is a little dedication and patience and you will be well on your way to getting your cat to like you!

how to get your cat to like you