How to Care for Your New Cat

new cat care tips

Are you thinking about adopting a new cat? Well if you are, you came to the right place. Cat’s are naturally curious animals, so they will get anywhere and everywhere in their new home. What do you even need for a new cat? Believe it or not, it takes a little bit of planning to … Read more

How To Teach Your Cat To Lie Down

train cat lie down

As humans, when we get sleepy or tired, we usually lie down in our beds to catch a snooze. With cats, it’s usually more or less the same thing. Cats will lie down in their cat beds (if they have one) if they’re feeling sleepy or tired. But what if you could get your cat … Read more

How To Teach Your Cat To Wave

teach cat wave hello

Let’s face it. Waving is one of the most basic forms of human interaction. We wave when we want to say hello to someone. We wave when we want to say goodbye to someone. Sometimes, we wave just for no good reason other than the fact that we want to. If I had a dollar … Read more

How to Get Your Cat to Like You

get your cat to like you

Are you having bonding with your cat or getting your cat to like you? You’re not alone, cat owners across the globe run into issues getting their cat to like them. It actually takes a lot more effort than you think to gain the favor of a cat. For dogs, you don’t have to do … Read more

12 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

foods never feed cat

It is time to start thinking more about what your cat is eating. Does your cat ever have dietary issues or get sick often? Have you ever thought that maybe it was something they ate? Cat nutrition should be on your radar because in a lot of cases your cat is getting the wrong nutrition, … Read more

Top 10 Cat Toys Your Cat Can’t Live Without

best cat toys

If you’re a cat owner, lover, fanatic, and enthusiast all rolled into one like me, then you probably know what it’s like to appreciate cats and all the things that make them awesome. Cats are independent. Cats are adventurous. Cats are playful. Cats are loyal. I could seriously go on and on about their awesomeness, … Read more

How to Stop Your Cat from Spraying (5 Simple Tips)

stop cat spraying

I used to work as a financial analyst. It was a pretty demanding job mentally. When you have a job as mentally demanding as mine was, chances are you’re going to feel drained and exhausted at the end of the day. One thing that relieves me of the mental drain and exhaustion is playing with … Read more

How to Teach Your Cat to Hug You

teach your cat to hug you

Hugs are a form of affection. I mean, who doesn’t like getting hugs? Hugs make us feel loved. They make us feel valued. They make us feel wanted. But what if I told you that you could teach your cat how to hug you? Would you think that’s crazy? Would you look at me as … Read more

How to Stop and Treat Your Cat from Over-Grooming

stop cat overgrooming

Let me tell you, cats are clean creatures. They have to make sure their fur is clean at all times. There is no stopping cleanliness when it comes to cats. It amazes me that some cats are cleaner than some humans I know. Marley, my fully-grown cat, is a clean freak. He makes me question … Read more