How to Teach Your Cat to Kiss You (3 Simple Steps)

teach your cat to give kiss

Kisses are fun! If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a kiss, that means that the person who’s giving it probably cares about you a whole lot! That’s a great feeling. But what about receiving a kiss from your own pet cat? Yes, you heard me right, your own pet cat. Does that … Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Trust You

gain cat trust

So you’re having trouble getting your new cat to trust you? Don’t feel bad, it is common and in some cases, very difficult to earn a cat’s trust. Most people just don’t put in enough time with their cat. They automatically think that since a cat is a pet, it should automatically love and trust … Read more

How to Teach Your Cat to Sit in 5 Simple Steps

training cat to sit

I’ll admit it. I’m a cat lover. I’m a cat enthusiast. I’m a cat fanatic. But most of all, I’m a cat owner. Let me tell you, very few things in this world are more rewarding than raising a cat. And that’s coming from someone who has raised several cats over the years from the … Read more

5 Simple Steps to Litter Train Your New Kitten

litter train new kitten

You already know that I’m a huge cat lover and I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than a baby kitten. Very few things are more adorable than hearing a baby kitten meow softly or having one follow you around the house if you’re its new owner. I’ve raised several litters of kittens and it … Read more